GTUG Stockholm May meeting

by Michael

I just came back from GTUG May meeting, my first GTUG meeting ever, and I got to give a presentation on web applications for iPhone and Android.

GTUG is hosted by what can be described as one of the jolliest and friendliest developers I’ve ever met, Peter Svensson. We all met up at Ottoboni, located near Skanstull, enough seating for around 60 people. A great view towards Globen and a selection of Subway sandwiches lay on the tables unwrapped and ready to be enjoyed along with a liberal amount of white bag-in-box (or cask: whichever wording you prefer) of white wine.

The first speaker was Tom Blackmore, famous for his work at Hitta.Se and an expert when it comes to GIS (geographical information systems). Tom talked about how one can create a relationship between raw data and locations. He went on further to explain how Googles geolocation API worked by showing examples of coordinate look-up queries for addresses as well as reverse look-ups, i.e., getting the street name from a GPS location.

And then it was my turn. My stunning new MacBook Pro was eager to show the world how well it could render PDF formatted slide shows and wow the world with its aesthetic beauty. However, it turned out that I had an incompatibility issue with one of my VGA adapter cables and was forced to use Tom’s computer. Being all brainy and all I backed up everything to a USB memory stick, physical paper as well as Dropbox.

So finally I began my presentation and, in what seemed mere seconds, I was already done. During these seconds of Michael-is-talking-now time, over 40 minutes of real time had elapsed. I came, presented, and felt like a mini rock star amongst like-minded people.

Next up was Justus Thorvaldsson, a young KTH:are giving a talk on GWT and how they used it to create RiskIt, an online game based on the same principles as the classic game of Risk. To end it all, a summary was given on the results of the Android Hackathon that took place on the 1st of May.

The end was nigh and the night was young. A bit of mingling and a beer at a random pub near Skanstull with some friendly GTUG:ians. See you all next time.